Boston Marathon 2008

Boston Marathon 2008
Coming thru Coolidge Corner Boston Marathon 2008!

Progress towards the Boston Marathon

  • Money raised: $6782.00
  • $ needed to reach goal: $1218.00
  • Miles run since December 1, 2008: 720
  • Longest run: 26.2 miles
  • Miles run last week: 17 + Marathon Monday = 43.2
  • Days until Boston Marathon: All done!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Last long run down... 9 days to go!

Yesterday Betsy and I ran our last long run before Boston together. It was a great 10-mile loop out Beacon Street and back along part of the marathon course so we could have one more climb up Heartbreak Hill under our belts. I think tapering has been treating me well. I was telling Betsy during our run that Heartbreak Hill has kind of been my nemesis during this year's Boston training. In years past, I have to admit that I kind of felt like it was built up to be more than it really is. Maybe I jinxed myself and that's why it's been tougher this year. Regardless, there have only been a handful of runs this year that I have felt like I could maintain my pace up the entire length of the hill without giving into my pounding heart rate and heavy breathing. Luckily, yesterday was one of those times and it makes me even more excited for Marathon Monday!

And, on the weather note, the chance of showers in Hopkinton on Marathon Monday have gone down to 20%!!!! And the high of 56 is holding strong!

Apr 20
Cloudy - 56°/42°
Chance of showers: 20%

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